Corporate and Foundation Relations exists to help coordinate institutional relationships between Indiana University and private funding organizations, including foundations and corporations.

We are a system-wide resource for those within the Indiana University community seeking support from nongovernmental organizations for research, teaching, and other programs. Our team consults with and provides assistance to faculty, administrators, and center directors in all divisions and schools across Indiana University as they approach, partner with, and request support from corporations and foundations.

Private foundations exist to bring attention and resources to problems and challenges locally, nationally, and internationally. As an international organization with influence across the state and around the world, Indiana University is in a position to partner with private foundations to help address the grand challenges of our age.

Corporations and corporate foundations serve as key drivers of community and economic development, as well as advances in research and technology.  Indiana University partners with corporate entities offering unique research capacities and expertise, develop workforce pipelines, and pool resources to strengthen community and economic outcomes.

Research Impact 

Visit the Research Impact website for information about Indiana University's research focus areas, the impacts of groundbreaking research, and stay up to date with access to the IU Research Annual Report & Impact Newsletter.

Award & Stewardship

Draft Letters

Draft stewardship letters with IU Foundation to recognize and thank funders

Report Management

Assist with grant report narratives and other grant management questions